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Birth Stones

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Gem Blog

A new year has begun, and of course Priceless Gems has been busy organizing new stock and continuing to grow this shopping/blog site for all of our customers both in store or online.  We have decided to also share some interesting facts, stories and general information about our jewelry, gems and other information that we think is both helpful and a good read for all of our subscribers.  So please enjoy our blog posts and be sure to contact us for any information or enquiries about all of the ‘Priceless Gems’ we have available.

Birth Stones have been a part of a worldly culture for centuries and even in our modern world today there are stone or gems linked with each month of the western calander.

birthstone is a gift of a precious material (jewelry, mainly gemstones; themselves traditionally associated with various qualities) that symbolizes the month of birth in the Gregorian calendar. It is sometimes also called birthday stone. Wikipedia

Although throughout history stones or gems have been linked to months of the year, there are still some variations on what gems belong where, but for Priceless Gems Blog, we will apply or use a modern culture list and information about these gems for our readers. A list and other information, some of which we have based our content around can be found by ‘Clicking Here’

January – Garnet

Garnet has been used since very early in the world’s history, the Bronze age, being when this mineral or gem began being used.  Garnet is predominately a dark red crystal/gem, but has been known to appear in differing colours, including brown, yellow, green and pink.  The word Garnet is more likely to have been derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’ or even ‘Punica granatum’, the last meaning pomegranate, which is a fruit with small red seeds not unlike Garnet crystals.

Garnet like many gems and crystals also is thought to have healing and even protecting properties for the wearer.  It has been known that Garnet has been used the world over by soldiers to ward off injury or death, and thus a safe and maybe a speedy return home.  Garnet is also known for helping to stimulate blood flow in wearers as well as helping stimulate the pituitary gland.

The rarest of colours of Garnet is blue, of which some of these crystals have been found in Madagascar, while more common Garnet as we know it can be found in USA, Russia and Turkey.  Today Garnet is used most commonly in jewelry but also has an industrial use as an abrasive and even to help water filtration.

Priceless Gems has some wonderful pieces of Garnet jewelry available and we are certainly only too happy to give you more information about our available pieces.  Just use the ‘contact us’ link at the top of this page and drop us a line.

Priceless Gems

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Priceless Gems - Cairns, Australia

Located at the Pier Market Place, Pier Point Road in Tropical Cairns Australia, Priceless Gems is one of the oldest and most elegent of jewellery outlets in the region.  Owners Nasser and Rezi pride themsleves on quality, beauty, individuality and elegance.

Now you can shop and find that special piece online. Find simply beautiful gems in Amber, Opal, Pearl, Jade, and Turquoise, to name a few.  View items that are as unique and as individual as you are.  Unearth an extensive range of jewellery for  you, or your special someone.

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