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Saturday, July 30th, 2011

August – Peridot

Ah the last month of Winter here in Australia.  Looking ahead to Spring and a great Australian Summer.  It has been quite a cool Winter even for us here at Priceless Gems.  Tropical North Queensland has encountered some very cool nights, which has kept everyone on their toes and enjoying the sun filled days to ‘de-frost’.  Of course the last month of Winter in Australia is August, my favourite month, but I am biased.  A new month, brings a new birthstone for us to share with you all.

The birthstone for August is the light green coloured gem Peridot.  It is thought that Peridot may have became a gem during the times of ancient Egypt, but this is not confirmed.  The origin of Peridot as a name is also very unclear.  It is possible that the Anglo-Norman word pedretes, which means kind of opal, may be where peridot was so named.  The most interesting fact about Peridot is that  it can and has been found in meteorites and is the only gem to do so – ‘Peridot crystals have been collected from some Pallasite meteorites. A famous Pallasite was offered for auction in April 2008 with a requested price of close to $3 million at Bonhams, but remained unsold. Peridot is the only gemstone found in meteorites.’ – Wikipedia



Peridot is mainly light green in colour but can also have yellow/green hues or even brown.  But Peridot, as a gem, is mostly green and has been, at times in history, been mistaken for Emerald.  Like all gems we have showcased each month, Peridot is also thought to provide the wearer with healing or beneficial qualities.  Peridot is thought to help strengthen the physical body, and also the heart and other internal organs.  It is also thought to help with stabilising emotions, reduce stress and help balance mental processes.  Peridot in not just a beautiful gem it is also a hard working gem for the wearer.




If you are looking for that special piece of Peridot jewellery to spoil yourself or someone special.  Please contact Priceless Gems via the “contact us’ page or checkout some of out range found in the necklace and bracelet pages on this site.